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Where Shadows Walk

Where Shadows Walk

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Dramatic scenes from the Civil War, bloody Indian massacres, lynchings, grizzly unsolved murders, strange beasts, curses, tales of hidden treasure and hidden sin, crossroad burials, moments that shaped our nation, demons, witches, and many, many ghosts await guests of Where Shadows Walk Historic Ghost Tours. 


Franklin, North Carolina, considered by many to be one of the most haunted small towns in America, will not disappoint. 





As he handed over signatures, swords, and a war-worn folded Confederate flag to Union Colonel George W. Kirk in surrender, was Confederate Captain Stephen Whitaker enraged, or was his soul relieved to see an end to such a bloody war? Did the two men, brothers of the same soil, who’d fought under different flags, lock eyes? What was said? Was there sun or rain? Details are lost to history, but the facts remain, and it all took place on the historic Main Street of Franklin, NC.


Whose smile or nefarious scowl was the last witnessed by the eyes of Francis Bullock as she died such a horrible death on a hot July night 50 years ago? Was it a feeling of abandonment that kept her spirit walking the halls of her earthly home for decades after her death? Details fade, but the horror and gloom linger on, as the great mystery of her murder still goes unsolved in Franklin, NC.


Did the ground tremble when thousands of ghostly natives poured forth from the side of the Nikwasi mound, one of the oldest man-made structures on the North American Continent? Did their wails and war cries hush the birds and chill the souls of the awestruck Cherokee men and women watching in horror and astonishment? Did their feet leave prints in the dust of Franklin, NC? Could their faint yells be heard today, still echoing throughout these mist-covered mountains?


Did an old man in the 1970's, after trading knives and lies on Franklin’s town square, wipe his snuff-stained chin with his forearm? Did he grin a toothless grin as he addressed the eager listeners? “I was there Mister; I saw her standing in that field, with these here two eyes, and she’d been dead 20 years."





The greatest gift anyone can give to themselves or to another is an experience, something that can’t be stripped away, something that becomes a part of who we are. Come experience the history, the mysteries, the myths, the legends, and the ghosts of Franklin, NC. We invite you to accompany us on an after-dark stroll filled with so many stories, sights, and sounds that will leave you astounded, and continue to haunt you for years to come. Join us to experience the thrills and chills, and feel the past come to life where the mist is still rising, the wind still whispers, and the shadows are forever walking in Franklin, NC. 


The Where Shadows Walk team has been featured on the Travel Channel’s “Weird Travels”, and boast visits to two extremely haunted locations, Franklin’s Historical Society building and the Habitat for Humanity building featured on

“Fact or Faked.”

Where Shadows Walk, Franklin, NC’s only haunted history tour, will be an experience you’ll never forget. 









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